Is It Cheaper To Make Or Buy Candles For Your Business?

Is It Cheaper To Make Or Buy Candles For Your Business?

Candles are some of the most popular products to sell online–and for several good reasons! First and foremost, candles are relatively easy to produce in large quantities. Even from a home-based operation, you can produce a sizable amount of candles with just basic tools and facilities.

Secondly, there is a wide variety of products you can create. There are many different waxes, fragrances, containers, and molds you can use to create all sorts of candles. That said, even if candles are a widely available product, you can still build a business around a niche.

Lastly, candles are widely popular nowadays. People use them for all sorts of reasons, such as to decorate a room, engage in aromatherapy, or simply add ambiance to a space.

All that said, it is safe to say that candles can be a profitable business. But will you make more money if you make your own candles? Or, in other words, is it cheaper to make or buy candles?

Let’s find out, shall we?

How Much Does It Cost To Make Candles?

First things first, how much does it cost to make your own candles?

The first figure that you have to calculate is the physical cost for a single candle. To do that, you must compute the cost of every component (wax, wick, container, fragrance, etc.). 

For example, if one pound of wax makes three candles, you need to divide the cost of the wax by three. The same goes for other uncountable components like fragrance and coloring. 

Then, you can add the cost of your countable components like the container, wick, label, packaging, etc.

Of course, the total cost of a candle will depend on the individual prices of the components you use, including how much it costs to have them shipped. 

After you determine the base price of each candle, add fixed costs like labor, utility bills, and rent, if applicable.

On average, it may cost anywhere between £6.00 GBP to £8.00 GBP to produce a standard 220-gram candle. This includes the costs of labor, equipment, and utilities. However, the average price of producing each candle can increase or decrease depending on the quality of materials used, the cost of shipping, the amount of labor needed, and other variables.

With that being said, you need to calculate the cost of making each candle based on every single variable. No two candle businesses have the exact same circumstances.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Private Label Candles?

In contrast, buying ready-to-sell candles can cost as low as £4.50 GBP per unit. And the more units you buy, the more money you save (and the more profit you make!). Standard yet high-quality candles can go as low as £6.00 GBP per unit, while premium candles can cost from £8.00 GBP to £10.00 GBP. Making candles of the same quality can cost way more overall if you do it on your own.

So, Is It Cheaper To Make Or Buy Candles For Your Business?

Is it cheaper to make or buy candles? Well, there is no hard and fast answer to this question. It can be cheaper to make your own candles if, for example, you buy materials in bulk and can fulfill all orders by yourself (thereby saving on labor costs). But it can also make more sense to buy ready-to-sell candles.

Hence, it all boils down to circumstances. For example, if you are not going to buy materials in bulk to create your own candles, you may save more money when you buy candles instead. On the other hand, if you already have the resources to produce your own candles in bulk, then it may be more cost-effective to run your own candle-making operation.

However, when it comes to efficiency, there is one clear winner of the two–and that is buying your candles from a supplier.

Why Buying Candles From A Supplier Is The Right Choice

If it costs less to buy ready-to-sell candles from a supplier, that’s already a big plus. But what are the other benefits of buying your candles instead of making them?

Offer Your Customers Higher Quality Candles

Making candles is not as easy as it may seem. It takes skill and experience to mix wax the right way, add just the right amount of fragrance, and pour candles in such a way that they come out perfectly flat every time. More than that, making perfect candles takes a lot of practice, and unless you have extensive experience in candle making, you need to go through a lot of trial and error before putting up your own candle business.

When you buy from a supplier, on the other hand, you are also buying their expertise. You can rest assured that every candle is made just right, and you won’t have to worry about wasting resources on failed attempts. Hence, you are also offering higher quality candles to your customers in the process, and you will achieve consistency plus quality without much effort.

A Private Label Candle Supplier Will Handle Everything For You

From making the candles to designing and printing your labels, a private label candle supplier will take care of every step of the process. You don’t need to get your hands dirty with the physical parts of the business. And if you are a sole proprietor, this will save you thousands of hours that you would otherwise spend on candle making, printing, and labeling.

Spend Your Time Working On The Business - Not In The Business

Since you have a supplier handling the bulk of the physical work for you, you can spend more of your time working on your business. This means you have more time to polish your business plan, figure out marketing strategies, design your packaging, interact with customers, and more. 

Again, if you are the only one running your business, time is your most important resource. So, don’t waste it on something that can be outsourced–let a reliable supplier handle it for you and focus on working on the brand itself.

Is It Cheaper To Make Or Buy Candles? Final Thoughts

When you consider the trial and error process; the gas you use while making candles; the water you wash equipment with, and other things you spend money on while making candles, it can be easy to see how buying candles can be cheaper than making your own. But more importantly, buying candles from a supplier saves you time, which is your most valuable resource as a business owner.

When you buy your candles, you don’t have to worry about the candle-making process itself. Plus, the money that a supplier saves by producing candles in bulk also translates into savings for you. Combine these benefits with the consistency that a candle supplier provides, and buying candles instead of making them makes so much more sense.

However, remember that not all candle suppliers are made equal. This is why you have to go for the best of the best in order to start your candle business on the right path. Luckily, you’re right where you need to be–Match Fragrance is the best supplier of white label candles in the UK, and we provide the best prices for high-quality candles that your customers will love!

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