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Are you looking to launch a fragrance or home goods business? Or, are you an existing business looking to cut costs while increasing the quality and selection you offer your customers? If so, we’re here to help with premium private label and white label wax melters!

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Why Choose Match Fragrance As Your Private Label & White Label Wax Melters Supplier?

When it comes to selecting your private label or white label wax melters supplier, you have no shortage of options to consider. But, if you are looking for a supplier that goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations - there is really only one choice: the folks here at Match Fragrance. Since 2019, we’ve poured over 2 million candles and wax melts - we’ve handcrafted an incredible quantity of wax melters, too. All our products are carefully manufactured in our 10,000 sq. ft. Plymouth factory. 

We are proud to offer unbeatable quality in our wax melters. And, we work hard to cut costs in our manufacturing processes so we can translate those savings over to you and your business.

But, quality and pricing are just two reasons we’ve earned the reputation as the premier white label & private label wax melters supplier in the UK and throughout the world. We also offer stunning designs that you won’t find anywhere else. This means that with us as your supplier, you’ll be able to offer your own customers unique products that they’re sure to love. Take our Black Ripple Wax Melter, for example - this thing is a work of art and just a small sample of what you can come to expect when you choose as your supplier.

When working with us, you enjoy the ultimate flexibility. Whether you need 5-10 products or 500-1000, we can handle any capacity. You’ll enjoy the same exceptional quality no matter how many products you order from us. And, the manner in which we work with you can be flexible, too. We can help you private label your products ourselves, or just white label them to you for you to label them yourself. Nothing is off-limits when you have Match Fragrance in your corner. And the best part about working with us? We also offer an unparalleled selection of premium private label wax melts to help you round out your offerings to your customers. We can do it all!

Get Started With Us As Your White Label & Private Label Wax Melters Supplier Today!

Ready to get started with us as your white label or private label wax melters supplier? We can get the process started with a sample. Samples are available for just £18.00 GBP, and you’ll get to experience all we have to offer before committing to any sort of large order. Once we have the chance to impress you with our quality, variety, and professionalism, we’re sure you’ll see why more and more brands are choosing us as their supplier. You can order in set quantities up to 96 @ £11 GBP, or get in touch with us about a larger custom order. We’re excited to start working with you!

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